Alluding to Bedouin nomadism where trunks enabled caravans to travel while taking with them all of the bivouac accessories, Sofarabe is a fully versatile and customizable sofa. True to the aesthetics of the Moroccan living room in terms of size and proportion, it is composed of three modules, each formed by a seat with a removable cover strapped like a saddle over a walnut wooden box whose decor or function can be individually altered with new elements that will soon be available in limited editions.


Price: 12500 MAD the module

3 types of modules: library/ Zelli / metal structure
Dimensions of a module: H. 46 x L. 90 x l. 90 cm
Color of the metal structure: black / white / bronze
Wood: walnut / beech / oak
Feet: stainless steel
Fabric Seat: Bruce de Guell La Madrid – Colour 77/78
Cushions: Tatoo de James Malone – 103 + Break de Guell La Madrid – Colour 46 + SUBTIL de Dominique Kieffer – 17200 TOMATE

There is a wide selection of fabrics, wood and colors available.
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