Potholder, vase, stem vase… whatever its use may be, Sâfr is an infinitely modular accessory which dresses and undresses depending on the season and on the mood of the moment to reinvent itself at will. The main difficulty probably lies in having to make choose among the countless fabric references. For the rest, there is nothing easier: simply attach the fabric cover onto the collar of the metal frame and then insert the ceramic pot to stretch it over. And there you have Sâfr, proud to present its new outfit that displays itself in every angle and for all eyes to see, in an almost weightless fashion…


Price: Small 1300 MAD / Medium 1560 MAD / Large 1950 MAD

Small model: H. 29 x L. 24 x l. 24 cm
Medium model: H. 36 x L. 30 x l. 30 cm
Big model: H. 44 x L. 40,5 x l. 40,5 cm

Color of the metal structure: black / white / bronze
Ceramic vases color: white
Fabric: TATTOO de James Malone – 1011 Intenso + SUBTIL de Dominique Kieffer – 17200 ACIER + Break de Guell La Madrid – Colour 36

There is a wide selection of fabrics, wood and colors available.
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